“It’s a take on the way we treat the world and how people think about the world too. People often view the world as being so fucked up, but when really, it’s the world just simply being the world. And it’s more about your own thoughts and how you perceive it.” Sentiments for the single ‘Attitude & Longitude’, but a theme that runs throughout Deadlightsdebut album Mesma, which also looks into hypnotism, existentialism, creative originality, and depression. The Brisbane post-hardcore outfit have been waiting for this moment for longer than most bands have been around, but now the time has come as Mesma has been released and is available HERE.

Watch ‘The Mad Scientist’ Here:

The band will be showcasing their album tonight at Crowbar in Brisbane for a very special show, alongside their friends in The Comfort, Vitals, and Vaela. They’ve also announced they will be touring the country alongside fellow Greyscale signing Belle Haven, as well as Adelaide’s Ambleside, this June on the “Selfmade” tour.