“Sharper than razor wire but still filled with enough blunt force brutality to inflict closed head injury, Mono is infectiously catchy and immensely lethal from start to its very finish” 9.5/10 New Transcendence

“Mono is a brave expression of intense and real emotion at its heavy finest. Impressively done.” 10/10 Depth The Magazine

“Mono is cathartic, not in its resolution but in its unrelenting self-destruction. This is a record that constantly lashes out and drags the listener into right into the center of the bleak maelstrom it creates.” 4/5 Heavy Mag

“One of the most raw, real and heavier sounding releases I’ve heard in a long time.” – 8.5/10 Insert Review Here

“honest and crazed lyrics that drive this Baker’s dozen through a crippling, hellish soundscape and then back again” – 75/100 KillYourStereo

They say the road out of hell is long and hard, definitely not for the feint of heart, but one listen to the debut album from Melbourne’s Alpha Wolf will prove exactly how much heart they have. The five piece metalcore outfit today drop their debut album Mono upon the world, and it can be purchased HERE.


“We couldn’t be more excited for everyone to hear Mono.” says guitarist Sabian Lynch “The response we’ve received so far from the reviews and from the singles we’ve released has already been overwhelming and so much more than we could’ve imagined. We really urge all listeners to listen from start to finish, feeling as it’s the best way to take the most from Mono. This album has already opened up more possibilities for Alpha Wolf than we ever could’ve hoped for, making so many dreams a reality and we couldn’t be more excited for what’s to come.”
The band will be heading around the country in July/August supporting Thy Art Is Murder alongside heavy hitters Cursed Earth, and Greyscale Records family Deadlights, as well as holding an All Ages album launch at Wrangler Studios in Melbourne on Sunday the 20th of July with DeadlightsPridelands,Thornhill, & 2319. Then they’ll be assaulting stages again in September as they support Make Them Suffer and Wage War on another national tour.