“This single is about strength.” The members of Melbourne pop punk act Stuck Out have experienced much in their lives of late. At the age where the realities of life begin to hit harder, and you either sink or swim, the four piece has found themselves fortunate enough to be able to put these experiences to music, and from it, their latest single Who You Are came.

“This single revolves around the toxic grip certain people can have on your life.” Vocalist Joshua Walker opens up about experiences hitting quite close to home. “Realising and breaking free of that stranglehold isn’t an easy feat, but once you block out their influence in your life, you’re empowered to become the person you choose to be. We wanted this song to represent the strength you feel when you prevent these people from controlling who you are.”

The future is close at hand in the eyes of the young band, and according to Walker, the fire inside of them is burning fiercely. “We’re always looking forward with new music. We want our next release to hit you over the head continuously until it’s the only thing you can hear. We love translating our music to a live setting so expect more energy and more aggression, and expect it sooner rather than later.”

Stuck Out hit the road next week supporting pop punk sensation As It Is (UK) across Australia, before playing Misery Boat Party in Melbourne at the end of the month alongside The Beautiful Monument.