Greyscale Records is the brainchild of Ash Hull and Joshua Merriel, born from the idea of creating a record label that amalgamates the attitude of a DIY label, with the reach and push of a major one. Greyscale is searching for artists who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty, who believe in their music, and know that hard work pays off.

team member

Ash Hull

Ash started running local Melbourne All Age shows five years ago at the age of 15 while studying at school. This has involved to running AA festivals such as Break The Ice & Invasion Fest, as well as booking regular shows at Arrow On Swanston. Since then Ash has started booking bands such as Hellions, Polaris, Void Of Vision, and managing Ocean Grove while working full time at Destroy All Lines for the last 3 years in the touring department.

team member

Josh Merriel

Joshua started his music career at the age of 13, on the community radio station Street FM doing an early Sunday morning radio show. When Street FM wrapped up, he moved on to SYN FM, where he spent 5 years as the Punk/Metal Genre Night co-ordinator, as well as co-hosting the long running show Works In Theory. At the same time Josh was heavily involved in the live music scene around Melbourne, helping run shows and nights at the Camberwell Civic Centre, Stonecutters, St. Ambrose Hall, Metro Nightclub, and several other locations. Currently Josh is the host of triple j’s punk/hardcore show Short.Fast.Loud.