NEW EP ‘Through Fire’ OUT NOW!


The more things change, the more they stay the same. No more resonant of an adage could a said be for the return of Oceanic hardcore group Antagonist AD, as the 1-2 punch of their new single No Justice proves that their message and ferocity has only strengthened in their absence; and that the band is back with a vengeance. Known for their commentary on the apathetic ills of western culture, the band has doubled down on that message; holding nothing back lyrically, while pushing forward with a darker edge to their music, and the simple goal of opening minds to the ideas of a better way of living. Even after all these years; still screaming, still fighting for change.


Sam Crocker – Vocalist
Matt Livingstone – Guitarist
Luke Manson – Bassist
Jai Morrow – Drummer


Bookings: Ash Hull –
Management: Sam Crocker –

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