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Alpha Wolf – Mono

Band : Alpha Wolf
Title : Mono
Release Date : July 14, 2017
Label : Featured, Greyscale Records
Catalog ref. : GSRCD005
  1. Ward Of The State
  2. No. 2
  3. Golden Gate; Water Break
  4. Shinobi Naku
  5. #104
  6. Promise Stays
  7. Mono
  8. Failvre
  9. Golden Fate; Gut Ache
  10. My Untold Memoir
  11. Epiphobia
  12. Devon Street

Melbourne’s Alpha Wolf have revealed their debut album Mono will be released July 14th via Greyscale Records.Mono is an audio representation of utter desperation and the illogical mindset of an individual when one goes through traumatic experience. Whether it’s death, loss of love or coming to terms with mortality.”Explains Vocalist Aidan Ellaz Mono means many things to each member. Written in times where the world is easily perceived as black and white. Mono is the emptiness you feel when you are alone in a motel on the highway and your soul is bleeding out on the floor.”