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Belle Haven – You, Me and Everything In Between.

Band : belle-haven
Title : You, Me and Everything In Between
Release Date : June 16, 2017
Label : Featured, Greyscale Records
Catalog ref. : GSRCD004
  1. You.
  2. The Carving Knife
  3. 'Selfmade'
  4. Burn The Witch
  5. Little Polariod Boy
  6. Hollywood
  7. Egophobia
  8. HighfLIAR
  9. By Hook or By Crook
  10. Ghost
  11. Me.

“You, Me and Everything in Between. has been a long time coming.” Explains vocalist David Vernon. “There are way too many people in the world who feel used, betrayed and manipulated on a daily basis. I hope this record can resonate with those people and inspire them to come to terms with when it’s right to burn a bridge. I’ve been there so many times and that’s the hardest part; knowing when to leave.”