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Stuck Out – You Won’t Come Home Tonight

Band : Stuck-Out
Title : You Won't Come Home
Release Date : February 9, 2018
Label : Featured, Greyscale Records
Catalog ref. : GSRCD007
  1. Stitch
  2. Self Doubt
  3. Grin
  4. Weight
  5. Fade Away
  6. Linger

Melbourne’s Stuck Out are stepping into the spotlight with their upcoming EP You Won’t Come Home. 

“When we began writing this EP, one of the most important factors we considered was progression. Progression of sound, progression of story and progression of the band. We didn’t want to release the same music as we had before but we didn’t want a change so drastic that people wouldn’t recognise that it was still us, so finding that balance was a task we set ourselves. We also wanted to capture the rawness of our live performances and put that energy into a recorded format. Juggling all these different ideas was quite difficult in the writing stages but as we came closer to recording our ideas and goals became a lot clearer.”