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Sydney's Bloom have gone from strength to strength in recent times. With powerful singles 'Cold' and 'The Service', along with one of the highlight sets of this year's Invasion Fest immortalised by Hate5Six capturing the attention of local and international fans alike; the melodic hardcore act have been high on a lot of people's To Watch list, and now they are proud to be part of the Greyscale Records Family. 


Vocalist Jono Hawkey expresses the joint wave of euphoria currently experiences by the band. "Relief more than anything else. We’ve poured a lot of time, energy and money into this release, and with how this year has panned out, we weren’t sure when it would see the light of day. We are all beyond excited to finally be able to release new music, and can’t wait to get back into the studio to do it again. We are extremely proud of what we’ve made and are so thankful we’ve been given the opportunity to work with Greyscale, and be a part of a roster alongside some of our favourite acts."


For their new EP 'In Passing', rather than shying away from things that may be uncomfortable, Hawkey dove deep into one of the most formative experiences of his life, and shares his personal journey of grief and acceptance. "The EP is written around the passing of my grandfather midway through last year. We have written something we hope will encapsulate some of the feelings you go through when you lose a family member. I did not have the closest relationship with my extended family and spent more time with him while he was sick than I can remember at any point in my life. Sonically, we hope the EP is a bit of an emotional journey - with songs like Daylight, and the title track In Passing being songs that channel a lot of anger, and songs like The Boat and The Stream and June, which are much sadder and more melancholic. in Passing, as a whole, is the discovery that the impact of grief is long lasting, and you can grieve the pain of others arguably more than death itself. It is the acceptance of death and the importance of reflection."

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