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Brisbane post-hardcore act Deadlights have never been ones to shy away from the more complex issues within their lyrical content. Through their prose we’ve heard them question everything from being gas-lit by loved ones and musicians, to finding ways to defeat the voices inside us, to the corruption of the media landscape forced upon us by greedy corporations. Musically they find themselves inspired by the abstract and bombastic; from the calm to the chaotic, Deadlights continue to delve deeper into every corner of their psyche and poke the dark monsters they find.

Debuting with Greyscale Records as one of their first signings with their album Mesma, the band have gone on to become a household name within the Australian alternative scene supporting acts such as Parkway Drive, Thy Art Is Murder, Every Time I Die, and so many more; dropping ever more creative singles along the way with Bathed In Venom and Sugarcoated Psychosis.

2020 saw the band knuckle down to create the landscape that would become the follow up to Mesma. They began with a blank slate, waded into uncharted territories and dove deep into The Uncanny Valley…

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