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Life happens in stages; stages of grief, stages of redemption, stages of growth, stages of being, everything happens in stages, and nothing is one dimensional.

The Beautiful Monument have made it their purpose to express their experience of these stages through music, and to share those terrifying, but all too familiar thoughts with the world. The band began as the lost, became sinners, and currently find themselves confronting deceivers as they carve their own path through the Australian music scene. 

Lyrically, these stages can be seen most obviously with their latest track Deceiver, which continues lyricist Lizi Blanco’s experiences of drug abuse within the home, and when she felt she had it figured out, she was thrown another curve ball, and the stages of understanding continue. Musically, the band has never wished to rest on their laurels. As guitarist Andrea Skoumbri notes, working with new people over the past few years has really pushed everyone out of their comfort zone, and this is vital to the band moving to the next stage of growth. The addition of Alex Henderson and Amy McIntosh into the fold has truly solidified The Beautiful Monument’s core, and given the band the strength they need to move forward.

2019 has already seen the band move into a new stage as they announced their signing to Greyscale Records, release their latest single Deceiver (which has just been added to rotation on triple j), and played Download Festival. While a general understanding of what is to come has the band excited, it’s the unknown stages that they look forward to the most.

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