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The Comfort first cemented their status in alternative music world with the wildly popular ‘Love’ EP which collected over 5 million Spotify streams worldwide before they pushed the boundaries of their creativity with their debut album ‘What It Is To Be’, described by Hysteria Magazine as “a beautiful, exhilarating and revelatory rock record that dives deep into our subjective journey for meaning, purpose and self-discovery”. The four-piece left listeners with the devastating single "Pain" before the pandemic sunk its teeth in, a brutally honest anthem exploring the depths of mental health.

Brisbane alternative rock band The Comfort have reemerged after three years with their impassioned new single "Love Is A Dying Plant" out now via Greyscale Records. 

"Love Is A Dying Plant" is the musical manifestation of the final dying moments of a relationship. It’s the sadness, the bitterness, the anger, but also the relief. It’s about the arguments had internally because they’re not worth having out loud. It’s about the frustration of not feeling good enough and the disappointment that someone stopped trying to be their best self. Ultimately it’s about accepting the end, long before it's over.

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