New Single ‘Sugarcoated Psychosis’ Out Now


Not every post-hardcore band will list everyone from Rage Against The Machine to Terrence McKenna to Tool to Bob Dylan as the influences to their sound, but Brisbane four piece Deadlights are working hard to prove they anything but just another post-hardcore band.


Having crafted a sound and live show that is truly unique, Deadlights have been given the opportunity to share the stage with everyone from Confession to Silverstein, and from Every Time I Die to Dance Gavin Dance. They have become the band people go home and instantly tell their friends about.


For the past 9 years, Dylan Davidson, Tynan Reibelt, and Joshua O’Callaghan have been working together to craft a sound that is truly their own, and with the recent addition of Sean Prior, the band has truly found themselves and now, after years of slow, calculated steps, the band walked into Loose Stones Studios with Andy Marsh of Thy Art Is Murder, and walked out with their Greyscale Records debut, Mesma. “There is a natural energy transference that occurs between all things. Mesma is an exploration into the relationship between the erratic chaos of life and the hypnotic undertones of order” vocalist Dylan Davidson explains.


Until now, Deadlights have been the band spoken about often, but always staying in the shadows. With Mesma, they are finally ready to step into the light.


Dylan Davidson – Vocals
Tynan Reibelt – Guitar & Vocals
Josh O’Callaghan – Drums
Sean Prior – Bass & Vocals


Andrew Marsh (Manager) –


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