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Graves are widely considered to be one of the heaviest bands currently touring the Australian metal scene. The five piece have spent the last few years touring relentlessly with one simple understanding; hard work pays off. They’ve spent 2016 supporting Aussie acts like Confession, Thy Art Is Murder, and Parkway Drive, and just finished touring the country supporting Suicide Silence (USA), but now it’s time for the fruits of their labour to be tasted.

After self-releasing their EP Pestilence back in 2013, and dropping the single “506” the following year (which has seen over 110,000 plays on the music video), the band hit the studio with Sonny Truelove, using what they have learnt through constant touring to craft a truly tight and cohesive album. Holding true to their DIY ethic and worship of heavy music to produce something from the heart.

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