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Our Past Days

Based in the heart of Sydney, it has been through great determination and sacrifice that Our Past Days has pursued to make an impact beyond their regional base. Whilst the band originally formed in 2013, with a few member changes along the way, OPD have now secured their line up and have the precise mindset that has allowed them to enhance their live show and find their feet.

The independent release of OPD’s single ‘Bloom Where You’re Planted’ in late 2015 brought the band to the attention of a host of new faces in both the Australian and international alternative music scene. Building momentum across Australian cities supporting global heavy weights such as The Wonder Years (USA) and Knucklepuck (USA) The Story So Far (USA), Man Overboard (USA), Real Friends (USA), Neck Deep (UK), State Champs (USA) and Funeral For A Friend (UK) OPD continue to perform remarkable shows around Australia.

With the upcoming release of Our Past Days debut album, alternative music fans can expect an unpredictable variety of chaos, driven by hard- hitting vocals and emotional grit that offers a completely different style to Australian alternative music. Working with producer Jay Maas, founding member of Defeater & Troy Brady, founding member of The Amity Affliction, alternative music fans will truly be able to identify the most courageous, exhilarating and personal work of Our Past Days’ career.

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