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Whatever, Forever

Since the inception of Greyscale Records, family has always been integral to every decision that is made. So once members of Justice For The Damned and Our Past Days created a softer side project, it was a given that soon enough Whatever, Forever would too become part of the fabric. 


Of the signing, guitarist and vocalist Nick Adams says "We're ecstatic to be able to finally announce our signing to Greyscale Records. Being a band that is comprised of members currently in other Greyscale bands, it just made sense to keep this within the family and work with people we love and trust."


Whatever, Forever have always leant heavily into the highly personal side of themselves. Through their lyrics they've become known for wearing their heart on their sleeves, and as Adams explains, that continues through their new EP 'Where I Am & Where I Want To Be'. "This EP is both a strong example of our sonic vision & a deep dive into the pains of a family in dysfunction which then touches on the feeling of having no strength to cope when you are expected to."

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